Clean sleeping: 2019's hottest predicted lifestyle trend

2018 has been all about clean eating and the growth of the raw food movement. Next, it's low lighting, no clutter, natural linens and zero technology because the new year’s biggest predicted lifestyle trend is ‘clean sleeping’. Never heard of it? Well, you heard it here first and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. 

Tech experts, life coaches and psychologists have been telling us to unplug our bedrooms from the insomnia-inducing glare of the screen and constant distraction of our phones for years. ‘Your bedroom should be your sleep sanctuary,’ they warned, insisting that this is a space we should protect from the relentless interruptions of modern day life so we can rest, recharge and actually, well, sleep.

But some of the latest online research around night-time habits and best ways to switch off tell us that we need to go much further than recharging devices downstairs. And this is where the concept of clean sleeping comes in. 

Let us explain. You put it off for months because, quite frankly, it’s boring. But there’s no denying that slightly smug satisfaction we feel from finally get around to decluttering the kitchen or having a good purge of useless stuff hoarded in the garage. You can actually reach the pans you need without climbing into the back of the cupboard every time and find the badminton set for an impromptu game without risking life and limb to clamber over old bikes and a tent you’ve never put up. If a kitchen actually works properly, mealtimes are less stressful and if you can find your way around your garage, it becomes useful, not useless storage, right?

Now, if the main purpose of your bedroom is the allow you to sleep, shouldn’t you also take a good look at this environment and make sure it’s actually doing its job, too?


Ask yourself, ‘does it give me a feeling of peace when I walk in?’ And, ‘Is it a space I want to relax in?’ Or are there piles of clothes with no permanent home? Kids’ toys invading under the bed and stacks of books you’ve been meaning to read but never get around to…because you’re hooked on your screen until your eyes close every night instead? (Guilty!)

Think about furniture

Start with the bed. This should be the absolute centrepiece of the room. If we are going to be purists about it, your bed should really be the only piece of furniture in the room but let’s face it, most of us don’t have the luxury of huge walk-in closets (although they are a clean sleep addict’s dream as they truly separate the sleep space) and a little light reading before bed means bedside tables and lamps are required. But if they’re chosen carefully, bedside accessories shouldn’t dominate or take up too much space.

Like any room in the house, storage is important. So we recently introduced the option for customers to add storage space for any beds they order in our ‘design your own’ range as this is a really smart and easy way to stash extra bedding, duvets and blankets out of view.

If you don’t have a separate space for clothes and shoes, choose a simple wardrobe set with a clever interior layout to keep it organised. Unfussy handles and smooth edges in a similar colour to your walls will allow them to better blend in rather than stick out. And make sure they only run along one wall, to avoid a feeling of claustrophobia that they’re towering around you as you sleep.

Unless you don’t have access to your own bathroom, dressing tables are a big no-no. They simply attract dust and clutter and are rarely ever used for their original purpose anymore.

Materials matter

Bedding doesn’t have to be made from organic materials if budget is an issue, but should be made from natural fibres such as cotton, linen or silk to avoid overheating and excessive sweating during the night. Keep colours light and neutral or just stick to all-white for the ultimate clean sleep look.


Texture is important for that feeling of cosiness in a bedroom so warm, fluffy rugs, velvet scatter cushions, fabric headboards and heavy linen curtains can still work well in a clean sleep bedroom, as long as you don’t overdo the synthetic fibres and keep the colour palette neutral and unobtrusive.

Black out curtains are not just for children’s rooms. The yellow glow of street lights in most communities means it’s never properly dark outside when we go to bed. Block it all out with well-made, lined curtains that skim the floor and guarantee you won’t be woken by sunrise either. (Won’t guard against early-rising small people, though, sorry!)

Tone down the décor

Avoid busy, patterned ‘feature walls’ and reserve these for downstairs rooms instead. Keep bedroom walls painted or wallpapered in light tones or, if you prefer darker shades, keep it consistent around the room and resist adding bold artwork or too many mirrors.

Hanging art is fine, but choose your pieces carefully and keep numbers to a minimum. That statement print of the glittering Burj Khalifa over a busy Downtown Dubai is hardly going to induce feelings of rest and relaxation is it?!

What’s that doing in there?

Printers, suitcases, rolls of wrapping paper and rubber exercise balls are all random household items that commonly make their way into the main bedroom but have absolutely no place there. Then there’s the washing basket. Dirty laundry waiting for the washing machine should be stored out on the landing space or by the machine itself, especially if you’re into sport and exercise as there’s nothing worse than the lingering scent of gym socks when you’re trying to go to sleep. A Jo Malone candle, it ain’t!

Love your lighting


Speaking of candles, our final clean sleeping tip is on lighting. It goes without saying that huge chandelier pieces lit with a gazillion tiny lightbulbs isn’t going to cut it here. If you love the bling look, choose a simpler style that still blends the glass and high-shine metal of a traditional chandelier but without the dust-attracting detail of hundreds of tiny tear-drop crystals. Dimmer switches, if you can have them installed, will be your best friend. And hanging your bed side lamps from the ceiling rather than on side tables means fewer messy wires and ugly plugs to scar the walls of your new sleep haven.

So, are you on board? Will this be your bedroom in 2019? Send us your brand new, decluttered, clean sleep bedroom photos to or tag us on Facebook or Instagram @helmiibeds. 

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