Our 40-Night Sleep Promise


For years, studies upon studies have shown how important sleep is for the human brain and body. Did you know that poor sleep can make us obese, sad and grumpy?! And why wouldn’t it? We spend almost a fourth of our lives in bed!

What’s keeping you from a good night’s sleep (besides a good movie or a page turning book) is probably your old chunky mattress. And to make sure that doesn’t happen ever again, we bring you…




We take great pride in our products which is why we come to work every day and make just the one type. No fluff, no marketing gimmicks. Just one great mattress to suit your every need. ………. a really, REALLY dream-worthy mattress. It doesn’t just help you sleep soundly but also gives great support. Siesta on your side, dream away on your back or have 40 winks on your tummy, the contouring memory foam of the mattress allows it to adjust to your body and relieve pressure - no matter how you sleep!


Wait, it gets better.


It’s absurd to think you can buy a mattress after spending just a few awkward minutes on it in a big mattress store, under bright fluorescent lights. Which is why we’ll let you order our magical mattress and sleep on it for 40 whole nights. You’ll either love it or you won’t. If you don’t then we give you the option to return it, and get a 100% refund!


How This Works


1. A few friendly people show up at your door with a cloud-like, foamy mattress in a cool bright- colourful box. It's unpacked and placed neatly on your bed.


2. If after 40 nights you decide that our mattress isn’t the best fit for you (which we hope you don’t), there’s no trouble there. Reach out to our lovely customer care team at customerservices@helmii.com and they’ll take care of the rest.


3. It takes time to get accustomed to anything new. In the case of a mattress, it’s somewhere around 30 days a.k.a ‘the break-in’ period so we ask you to be patient. Give it 40 days, from the time of delivery, to fully test the mattress.


4. While you get a complete refund on your mattress, there is a 500 Dirhams fee for collection. Well, because the mattress isn’t going to see itself out. Please note that the collection service is only available to those living in the UAE and not to those living outside of it. In case you live outside the UAE, you’ll be responsible for returning the mattress to us.


5. To qualify for the 40 Night Sleep Promise you must have used a helmii waterproof mattress protector, purchased at the time of ordering so from a hygiene perspective we know the mattress is clean and free from stains.


6. Customers may return a maximum of One (1) of each particular Mattress Two (2) Pillows per initial order, validated by a customer name or shipping address (i.e. please try our mattress first—we are happy to send you more later!). We cannot accept multiple returns.          


7. In some rare cases we may agree with you to waive the 40 Night Sleep Promise, in which case this will be clearly stated on your invoice.

    Now, Remember These Simple Things


    1. To make the return as smooth as possible, we request you to fix a time slot with our customer care team and please make yourself available at the time.


    2. Once we’ve received the mattress at our warehouse we’ll inspect it for damages. If it’s been marked, soiled or permanently spoiled in any way, we may reduce the refund.


    3. We reserve the right to refuse the 40 Night Sleep Test to anyone associated with a mattress manufacturer/brand/Retailer.


    4. Ensure you've used a helmii mattress protector, so that when we come to collect it the mattress is clean and free from any stains.


    5. Always keep a copy of your original invoice as the sleep promise is only    applicable to the original purchaser.


    6. The collection must take place within 14 days of notifying us. 

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