Helmii is a trading name of MooBoo Home Furniture Trading LLC. 

Please note we are an online only store.

Why don't we have a showroom?

When you own a showroom, there are a number of overhead costs to consider: rent, electricity, maintenance etc. and a portion of all of these costs eventually trickle down to the consumer a.k.a YOU. To keep that from happening we decided to only have an online store. This way we get to focus on delivering the comfiest, best quality products to you at the most affordable price.

You can contact us via:

email : ocalling us on 0529 55 44 69

Our Warehouse is : Street 59 (opposite Amsar Wood Mftg, next to Alu27), Community 599, Jebil Ali Industrial Area 1, Dubai, UAE. PO Box 624388

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