Do you have a showroom?

We believe a business should be honest.

When you own a showroom, there are a number of overhead costs to consider: rent, electricity, maintenance etc. and a portion of all of these costs eventually trickle down to the consumer a.k.a YOU. To keep that from happening we decided to only have an online store. This way we get to focus on delivering the comfiest, best quality products to you at the most affordable price.


Do you ever carry any kind of discounts or have sales?

We don’t believe in gimmicks. We charge a fair price right from the beginning, all year long.


Why do you offer only one type of mattress?

We’re not out to conquer the world. We do one thing really, really well and that’s make amazing mattresses. So you don’t have to bother yourself with all the ins and outs of mattress engineering, we got our superb engineers at helmii to create a mattress that’s firm but also cloud-like, foamy but also durable and all in all, the most comfortable thing you’ll ever sleep on! In fact we’re so sure of it, that we’ll also give you 40 nights to decide for yourself.


Which mattress is best for me?

Does firm equal good and soft equal bad? Does a higher mattress really give you higher comfort?  Don’t bother yourself. The helmii dream team has worked with engineers from around the world to design ‘the ultimate mattress’. Whether you prefer memory foam or pocket springs, it won’t matter once you hit the bed.


The helmii luxury mattress has been created to meet our unbelievably high standards using Viscoool technology for a cooler sleep combined with 2000* individually responsive mini pocket springs. The springs are designed to react and contour to your individual body shape and weight, providing an even pressure distribution curves and all. All you have to do is sleep

(*Equivalent to in a 155cm UAE Queen size mattress)


Some people find that a traditional memory foam mattress is warmer to sleep on, so we have designed a mattress that uses Viscoool, a next- generation visco foam which has been proven to help keep you cooler for longer as you drift off to sleep. The Viscoool top comfort layer reduces heat build-up which can be associated with memory foam but still offers the same luxurious, pressure relieving comfort and benefits. Viscoool contains a blend of renewable natural raw materials including soybean oil and refreshing natural crème which cools down and absorbs body heat.

If you’re a science nerd and want to know the how, why and when, check out the technical information section on our products page.


Where do you manufacture the mattress? Are there any safety tests done?

All our mattresses are designed, manufactured and tested by a team of skilled engineers in the United Kingdom.


Our manufacturer is a member of the National Bed Federation which is the ‘recognised trade association representing UK manufacturers of beds and their suppliers’. We’re proud to meet the standards laid down by the NBF, right from the supply chain details to compliance with other regulatory requirements which include flammability, cleanliness of fillings and trade descriptions. Our manufacturer meets all criteria and has also been successfully audited by EXOVA BM TRADA which provide independent accredited certification services. Our manufacturer was also recognised and awarded by the NBF with their “Highly Commended” award 2015-16’ and has received the SEDEX/SMETA Best Practice Guidance accreditation. They were also awarded in the “Bed Manufacturer of the year” award section 2015-16


Safety & Material

Your safety and comfort are our top priority and to in an attempt to improve both we turned to the UK where law requires every mattress sold to meet certain criteria. Which is why all foam used in the manufacturing of a helmii mattress is CFC free and all the components comply with UK fire regulations BS7177 Low hazard for domestic use - the most stringent in the industry.


Why does my mattress come in a box?

Many manufacturers and retailers still transport mattresses packed in plastic wrapping. Passé, right? But the helmii mattress will be carried through your door with great ease by a few smiling faces. Our manufacturer has invested in a distinctive technology that vacuum seals, folds, rolls and packs the mattress, ensuring it can be compressed into the smallest of spaces. No, seriously! This helps in two ways:


  1. We can transport more mattresses at once which reduces the number of trips we take. This brings down the level of pollution.
  2. Reduces huge transportation costs. The savings help us price our mattress so the savings really come back to you.


Why does my mattress look like it has a sealed zipper?

Don’t be quick to judge.


Our mattresses don’t come with a full zip and that’s because you’re not supposed to take off the cover and wash it. The zip on the base is sealed during manufacture, so don’t go calling the neighbours to help you put it back on. Any attempt to do so may affect the guarantee, and you probably won’t be able to refit the cover.

Read through our section on ‘Aftercare’ to know how to best take care of the mattress.



The mattress should be changed after 7 years but mine comes with a 10 year warranty. Why?

We’ve spent thousands of pounds and a whole lot of time building this mattress. We’re confident it’ll keep you happy for the next 10 years, at least.


Our 10 year warranty covers any unexpected defects in material or workmanship. You can read through our ‘Warranty’ section to know more.


But because we love you we also want to keep things real. We recommend you change your mattress every 7 years to maximise its performance but mostly because its healthy & hygienic. And we’re not just saying this off the top of our head. We’ve got proof!


helmii mattress Aftercare


How do I clean my mattress?

We insist you don’t remove the mattress cover and wash it separately. Instead, use a soft, clean cloth and dampen it. Now use this cloth and clean the mattress from one end to another in small circular motions. You can also use a fabric cleaning product if required.


How do I clean my pillow?

We recommend you use a pillow cover and wash that. You cannot wash the pillow cases. They also need to be cleaned just like the mattress: with a soft damp cloth in circular motions, from one end to another.


My new mattress smells a little. Is that normal?

Everything new, from cars to clothes, has a new smell which in the beginning might seem odd but really isn’t. Give it a day or two and it should clear out. If it doesn’t, we’ll be around.


Do I need a mattress protector?

If you want to be eligible for our 40-Night Sleep Promise then yes you must use a mattress protector. The helmii waterproof mattress protector must be purchased at the same time. It’s not as intimidating as it sounds. Just think of it as an extra bed spread.


Children’s Mattress


What is the helmii mattress made of?

We’ve taken the help of some exceptionally talented engineers and created a mattress using high tech memory foam, which helps us achieve our unbelievably high standards, 1000 pocket springs and a slight spring. Let’s just say, putting your kids to bed won’t be a problem anymore.


How do I clean the mattress?

We insist you don’t remove the mattress cover and wash it separately. Instead, use a soft, clean cloth and dampen it. Now use this cloth and clean the mattress from one end to another in small circular motions. You can also use a fabric cleaning product if required


Delivery and Returns


Can I return a product?

Our ultimate aim is to keep you happy so we won’t be vague about our returns policy and we’ll give you all the facts. Upfront! While we can accept the mattress back within 40 days of delivery, there are some products we cannot take back:  


Children’s mattresses

We can't take back children’s mattresses purely for hygiene reasons. Unless there’s a manufacturing defect (we hope not) of course, in which case we’ll send over our helpers to haul it out of your home in no time.


Used bedding like bed linens, duvets, mattress protector and pillows


Helmii DyO
Design your own beds - Since these beds are custom made for your home, size, fabric and all, only you’ll get why we can’t take them back. If there’s a manufacturing defect then we’ll have our people with you (in no time) to repair or replace the bed.


Assembled Furniture

If you order a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, nightstand or dressing table, basically any kind of furniture that’ll be assembled upon delivery we won’t be able to take it back. Here’s why - when our delivery team comes over to your house, we'll assemble one or two pieces so you can clearly see the overall style, quality and finish. Only when you approve this will we build the remaining items. Once it's all completed and we get your approval and signature then the guys will leave. If you’ve given us the nod once we won’t be able to take back the piece of furniture, so please check it carefully and confirm you re happy. If there’s a manufacturing defect then we’ll be straight back at your door to repair or replace it only.

  • Please note we reserve the right to replace/repair the product at our discretion. 


We also can’t take back any of these:

  1. Products that have been modified by you, altered or washed.
  1. Products that may have been damaged or show signs of wear and tear, even if they’re under warranty.


How do I return a product?

If you’re not happy with our products then we’re sorry. We’d hate to see you unhappy! If there’s a manufacturing defect we’ll have our people get to it, right away. You must notify us within 7 (Seven) days of any manufacturing defects or faulty goods. 


  1. Shoot us an email, customerservices@helmii.com
  2. Call us, maybe? 0529 55 44 69


How much time do I have to return the product?

In case of the mattress you’ve got 40 days and once you call us we’ll send someone over to collect it. While you get a complete refund on the mattress, there is a fee of 500 Dirhams for collection. For all other items if there is a manufacturing defect then we will repair or replace them only, but you must notify us in writing within 7 (Seven) days of delivery. Please see our T&C's or the previous  "Can I return a product" question for more explanation.


Can I return my mattress if I don’t like it?

We promise our mattress will keep you nice and cosy for years to come but just so you trust us some more, we’ll let you keep it for 40 nights straight.

To make the return as smooth as possible, we request you to fix a time slot with our customer care team and please make yourself available at the time.

1. Once we’ve received the mattress at our warehouse we’ll inspect it for damages. If it’s been marked, soiled or permanently spoiled in any way, we may reduce the refund.

2. We reserve the right to refuse the 40 Night Sleep Test to anyone associated with a mattress manufacturer/brand/Retailer.


3. Customers may return a maximum of two (2) of each particular Mattress or Pillow per initial order, validated by a customer name or shipping address (i.e. please try our mattress first—we are happy to send you more later!). We cannot accept multiple returns.          

4. Ensure you've used a mattress protector so that when we come to collect it the mattress is clean and free from any stains.


5. The collection must take place within 14 days of us being notified.

6. Always keep a copy of your original invoice as the sleep promise is only applicable to the original purchaser.


If I decide I dont like my order at the time of delivery can I return it?

When we deliver we'll assemble one or two pieces for you, this way you can clearly see the overall style, quality and finish. Only when you approve these will we build the remaining items. If you don't like them, then no pressure. Tell us you’re not happy and also why, so it helps us understand you. Our delivery team will un-assemble it and take it back to the warehouse. Free of charge! Once its back with us, we’ll initiate your refund. In case it takes longer than expected, we request you to bear with us and be patient.

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