Our ultimate aim is to keep you happy so we won’t be vague about our returns policy and we'll give you all the facts. Upfront!


If you’re not happy with our products then we’re sorry. We’d hate to see you unhappy! If there’s a manufacturing defect we’ll have our people get on to it, right away. But if you still insist on returning it, then reach out to our customer care team.


  1. Shoot us an email, customerservices@helmii.com
  2. Call us, maybe? 0529 55 44 69


How much time do I have to return the product?


In the case of a manufacturing defect or faulty goods you have 7 (Seven) days, tops. Email or call us! We promise our mattresses will keep you nice and cosy for years to come but just so you trust us some more, we’ll let you keep it for 40 nights straight, if you want to swap it, no problem! Just call us and we’ll send someone over to arrange to swap it for another model from our collection. To qualify for the 40 Night Sleep Promise you must use a helmii mattress protector purchased at the time of ordering, so from a hygiene perspective the mattress is clean and free from stains. In some rare cases we may agree with you to waive the 40 Night Sleep Promise, in which case this will be clearly stated on your invoice.

Customers may return a maximum of one (1) mattress or two (2) of each Pillows per initial order, validated by a customer name or shipping address (i.e. please try our mattress first—we are happy to send you more later!). We cannot accept multiple returns.          

While we can accept the mattress back within 40 days of delivery, there are some products we cannot take back:


  1. Children’s mattresses – We can't take back children’s mattresses purely for hygiene reasons. Unless there’s a manufacturing defect (we hope not) of course, in which case we’ll send over our helpers to haul it out of your home in no time.


  1. Bedding - Used bedding like bed linens, duvets and pillows.


  1. Made-to-order beds - Since these beds are custom made for your home, size, fabric and all, only you’ll get why we can’t take them back. If there’s a manufacturing defect then we’ll have our people with you (in no time) to repair or replace the bed.


  1. Assembled Furniture - If you order a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, nightstand or dressing table, basically any kind of furniture that’ll be assembled upon delivery we won’t be able to take it back. Here’s why - when our delivery team comes over to your house, they assemble the product and only when they get your approval and your signature do they leave. If you’ve given us the nod once we won’t be able to take back the piece of furniture. Not unless there’s a manufacturing defect in which case we’ll be back at your door.


We reserve the right to replace/repair the product at our discretion.


We also can’t take back any of these:


  1. Products that have been modified by you, altered or washed.


  1. Products that may have been damaged or show signs of wear and tear, even if they’re under warranty.


If I decide I don’t like my order at the time of delivery can I return it?


We’ll send our team over to assemble the product. We'll assemble one or two pieces so you can clearly see the overall style, quality and finish. If you don't like it then no pressure. Tell them you’re not happy and also why so it helps us understand you. Our delivery team will un-assemble it and take it back to the warehouse. Free of cost! Once its back with us, we’ll initiate your refund. In case it takes longer than expected, we request you to bear with us and be patient.


Please refer to our T&C’s for a complete overview of our Returns and Refunds policies