Everything you need to know about the Thermo-regulating range

Feeling of Freshness

is soft, breathable, and
incredibly gentle on your skin.

Less Sweat

allows air to circulate, helping you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Quality of rest

Gives a great night’s
sleepandgood for sensitive skin.

Outlast Technology

Developed by NASA, it is used in astronauts’ suits and its function is to control sudden temperature changes in space.


Velfont applies Outlast® technology to cotton, achieving a unique, natural and innovative product.

Intelligent fabric

It reacts to body temperature by handling its changes and providing an individualized comfort zone for each person.

About the VELFONT Thermo-regulating range

Who is it aimed at?

Thermo-regulating articles are particularly suitable for all types of materials used in mattresses today. Also in summer periods or for those who, due to their intense physical activity, have a special sensitivity to temperature and require optimal resting conditions for greater performance, such as sportsmen and women and in general all people who lead an active life.

In general, the thermo-regulating range is aimed at all those who are looking for a healthy rest, adapted to their personal temperature needs.