Why did we do this?

If you’ve gone hunting for your dream bed or something that’s just a little bit different for your son or daughter's bedroom, you will have been bombarded by overpriced and poorly designed furniture often in stores clustered in expensive malls promoting their latest amazing sale or you'll have found low-priced, poor quality furniture again often touted as an amazing sale or great value.

Buying furniture is a huge investment both financially and emotionally. Every piece you buy takes you one step closer to making your home.

We love what we do

We’re not in the business of selling furniture but in one which turns houses into homes. The kind you want to keep coming back to after a hard day at work.

We make buying great quality furniture really affordable and easy. And it’s delivered right to your doorstep with absolute care. How do we keep our prices in check and our designs on trend?

When you have a physical store, you also have multiple overhead costs - rent, utility bills, salaries etc. These often trickle down to consumers and are disguised as product costs. Multiply these over many stores and it soon adds up. To keep our prices low, we created our online store which caters to your design and budget needs.

We discovered that ‘helmii’ is an Arabic word which means dreams and we hope we can help make yours come true!

Where do we source our products from?

We collaborate with a talented team of engineers in the UAE (we call them sleep experts) they eat, sleep and dream mattresses and they helped us create the world’s comfiest mattresses. From edgy bed-frames to cool kids beds, we help ensure that we meet your design needs oh and get a good night’s sleep.

Why are we different?

With our Custom made bed collection you can pick your own frame and pick your own colour from our range of truly exciting fabrics. To top this, our mattresses are designed to look unique and modern unlike the boring old ones you see everywhere else.

Our design team works really hard to ensure our collection of furniture stays trendy. We also guarantee the quality of everything we sell so you know we mean business! Our mattresses come with a 40-night sleep guarantee. This means you can keep it with you for 40 nights from the date of delivery to see if it’s what you were looking for. We take sleep very, very seriously! In case you don’t think the mattress is right for you, we’ll take it back. No questions asked.

Safety is important to us

Our team has over 35 years of furniture buying experience and product development from around the world behind them. When you visit us at helmii you'll discover all the advice and the information you need to make an informed purchase readily available in simple and easy to understand language.

Helmii is about everything to do with simplicity, value, quality and integrity and above all, ensuring your full satisfaction with our service and the products you buy from us.