Which mattress is best for me?



We’re not out to conquer the world. We do one thing really, really well and that’s make amazing mattresses. We don’t want you to trouble yourself with all the ins and outs of mattress engineering, so we got our superb engineers at helmii to create a mattress that’s firm but also cloud-like, foamy but also durable and all in all, the most comfortable thing you’ll ever sleep on! In fact we’re so sure of it, that we’ll also give you 40 nights to decide for yourself.

Which mattress is best for me?

Does firm equal good and soft equal bad? Does a higher mattress really give you higher comfort?  Don’t worry yourself with these questions. The helmii dream team has worked with our engineers from around the world to design ‘the ultimate mattress’. Whether you prefer memory foam or pocket springs, it won’t matter once you hit the bed.

Made from high tech memory foam, which is created to achieve our unbelievably high standards, 2000* pocket springs and a slight spring. 

The mattress will take the shape of your body, curves and all.

Traditional memory foam mattresses tend to get warm when you sleep on them so we did something special to prevent that from happening.

Revolutionary Cool Sleep Technology

For years we’ve been searching for a cooler, more comfortable sleep. Now we have the solution... 

We’ve been working with our Sleep Experts in the UK to develop the helmii DreamSleep comfort layer, using next generation foam technology based on a cool sleep concept. 

Our new DreamSleep Foam is an ultra-breathable foam that helps reduce heat and aids temperature regulation. It’s proven to wick moisture and dissipate heat away from the body, so you can cool — and sleep longer.

We would say our mattress has a medium firm comfort level but if your body size is larger than average then the mattress will have slightly softer feel for you.

If you’re a science nerd and want to know the how, why and when, check out the technical information section on our products page.

*2000 pocket springs as measured in the 150cm Queen size mattress

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