What mattress should I buy for my child?

What mattress should I buy for my child?

When we shop for a mattress for our children we may not consider what mattress we should really be buying. Generally just because it fit's a child's bed i.e. a single bed, we assume the mattress must be ok. We might based on our knowledge of a mattress we've bought for ourselves buy a specific mattress, one with pocket springs or a memory foam layer, but let's be honest we generally just go for the mattress that fits our budget.

But what should we really be considering?  Is it ok just to buy a mattress because it comes in a single bed size? 

Well let's put it another way. Would we go into an adult clothes store to buy clothes for our children? The answer is no we wouldn't, because children have different needs. Not all children are the same. Some are taller, bigger, stronger. So we should think of a mattress as growing with our children and replace it accordingly.

We also need to carefully consider the type of bed our children use. For example when using a bunk bed it is not advisable just to use any mattress on the top bed. The reason for this is that there is a limited amount of space. So from a safety perspective we don't want to be using a deep, plush mattress because the safety space will be reduced and your little one could topple over the side, either when they play or sleep.

As a general rule, all bunks should be tested to a recognised safety standard, for example British or American safety standards, with British safety standards generally seen as setting the bar for the rest of the world to follow, this is why we test all our kid's beds to BS Safety standards, 

For a top bunk the maximum mattress height should be no more than 15cm or 6 inch. So look out for this when buying a bunk bed and mattress.

Presenting, the helmii Mattress for Children

As we touched on before children vary in size depending on age, so with their smaller bodies they don’t need as much support as us parents do. Therefore a high spring count in this case does not necessarily mean better. This is why our helmii kids mattress comes with 1000 pockets springs instead of the usual 2000. Our sleep experts also know that children being younger and less developed than us parents are also more susceptible to germs and bugs, so our little ones mattress comes with a cover empowered with the latest Fresche® Bioscience antimicrobial technology.

Fresche Bioscience is a new generation antimicrobial which delivers high performance, broad spectrum antibacterial, anti-fungal, mould and odour protection on surfaces to which they are either applied or infused. They are widely recognised as one of the worlds most advanced non-volatile, surface bonded antimicrobial, safe for people, plants, pets and the environment.

So next time you are buying a mattress please consider all of the above. 

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