What are the benefits of custom-made furniture?

What are the benefits of custom-made furniture?

We all love the feeling of luxury inspired by the amazing hotels we have here in the UAE, filled with elegant furniture, well-adorned walls and plush textiles. We flick through our interior lifestyle magazines and dream of what we would like to do. They spark within us our creative fires and the urge to replicate what we see, we might even create a mood board of impressive interiors and Pinterest images providing endless ideas and inspirations. Designing and styling our interiors or revamping them with custom made furniture is a great idea and where better to start than with your bedroom.


The Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home and probably the most intimate of rooms, because this is where we go to sleep and rest and recharge our minds and bodies. It is the one room where on average we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping. Our bedroom is a room that performs many roles. It might be where we go to read, watch TV, catch up on our favourite Netflix series, to rest and also to sleep. But to be able to relax and ultimately fall asleep it must be warm, cosy, dreamy and inviting.


Yet at the same it time it needs to be functional because unless you are a celebrity who has an endless collection of clothes or one of the very few individuals who have a completely separate dressing room, we all need somewhere to store our clothes, do our make up and dry our hair.


But how can you make that all important personal statement? Something that defines you, your personality, your style, your tastes and how you want to live.


Get a custom-made bed! 

By getting a custom-made bed you can choose the size you want, the colour you want and also the style you want. So, whether it’s a big statement headboard, a great big bed to wallow in, or a bed just to let the kids jump in on those lazy weekend mornings. By designing and creating you own bed you can create a centre piece to complement any room.


First you need to consider you space, what do you want your bed to say? Will it be a focal point of the room in which case you need to think about the style you like, be it classic and traditional or a more funky modern feel? Do you a want a romantic four poster bed?


As well as the obvious choice of style and colour you also need to think about the material you choose. For example, if you want a 4 poster bed do you want it to be wood or metal? If you are after a Bali inspired tropical room you may need to think about the gorgeous properties of teak wood with its beautiful grain structure and the one off nature of its grain patterns.


If you want a softer luxurious upholstered bed you need to think about the type of material you choose. Do you want something tactile and feminine like velvet or a bold colour in which case bright colours work well in poly cotton fabrics.   


You might want to consider a built-in bed frame. You can have mini side tables with drawers and storage space built into your bed frame as extra storage. This is a fantastic space-saver, as you won’t need separate cabinets for storage anymore. You can also think about gas lift bed frames that lift up your mattress and allow you to store bulky things like bedding, duvets, extra pillows or towels in the base of your bed.


Get a custom made wardrobe!

One of the most functional and important pieces of furniture in the bedroom is the wardrobe. There are many styles and designs you can buy, all-ready made with various solutions like a 4 door wardrobe 6 door wardrobe or sliding wardrobe.

But these wardrobes are often structured around price and material with one impacting the other. Although there are many choices, unfortunately they may not actually suit your individual needs and on top of this you also have to get them to fit into your bedroom. This in itself can become a big problem for many people. As well as having a limited space that confines you, don’t forget you might also need to fit in a dressing table -  where else will you get ready for that big night out or get your hair looking fantastic for that all-important work meeting. To find one set of bedroom furniture that combines all this and then still fit perfectly into your bedroom is not easy.

So what is the answer?

One option is to look at built-in wardrobes, they are not only able to fit in perfectly with the space of your bedroom, but they can also be built-in such a way that they reach all the way up to the ceiling so you really maximsie all the space available. If your bedroom is small, you might even want to think about sliding doors for your wardrobe instead of a conventional folding door because this means you don’t need to leave room to open and close doors.

One of the biggest benefits of customizing your bedroom furniture is you get to choose the storage that you need, how many shelves, drawers, hanging rails and most importantly the size. So, if you have lots of bulky jumpers go for double length shelves, if you have lots of gym gear go for drawers or if you have a love of designer dressers then choose more hanging space and add drawers or shelves underneath or above.

You might also be able to design a mini dressing table built into the wardrobe…the ultimate space saver! Don’t forget you can also build storage space into your bed as we mentioned above.

Many people when planning their room also struggle with where to put a mirror. This can be quite off putting for some people if it faces the bed. If you design your custom made wardrobe correctly you can plan for a full length mirror to be placed inside so you can only see or use it when you need it.

Another major benefit of designing custom made furniture is you can choose all your fixtures and fittings to suit you. A great example of this is lighting. You can choose to install automatic lights that turn on only when you open the doors. So, if you are creeping out for an early morning run or early work day you don’t need to disturb your sleeping partner.

Custom-made furniture will transform your bedroom. Whether your style is cool and contemporary, space age and glossy, the glitz and glamour of mirror finishing or ethnic inspired dark wood you don’t need to spend a fortune. For those on a budget there is a great choice of wardrobes and storage solutions with the Pax collection at Ikea or you can find many other providers with a simple online search online here in the UAE. Whatever you choose I hope you can now see the benefits of custom design furniture. And don't forget at helmii you can customise your dream bed with our Design your Own bed collection 

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Amanda Drew

Amanda Drew

I like how you say that custom-made furniture will let you see what sort of storage you can put into the different types. My husband and I have recently moved into a new home, and we’d like to get some new furniture to match. We’ll have to find someone who’ll custom make it for us. http://www.integrityloungedesigns.com/services-gallery

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