How to turn your bedroom into a relaxing blissful sanctuary
Where in your home do you feel truly relaxed? For me it has to be my bedroom. It's the one room in the house that is mine, no toys, no mess. It is in this room that I want to experience a sense of calm, so it has to be comfortable and luxurious and therefore it is worth making sure you invest in the right pieces of furniture to ensure those qualities are in abundance.

1. Contemporary fitted wardrobes

Here is a solution that combines plenty of storage with an attractive piece of furniture. They provide a way of hiding clothes and other items and provides the clean space where you can inject your own personality and décor onto the rest of the room. 

2. Avoid a bed that will dwarf your room

While a bigger bed may be more comfortable to sleep in, this can often make a room look much smaller than it is. A perceived lack of space will mean you lose that sense of calm and comfort in your room.

3. Create a sitting area

On the flip side of getting the right scale to your bedroom a lot of rooms here in the region are quite large, so a great way to create hotel chic is to have a sitting area. A stylish chair, side table, and lamp or even a vase of flowers will create a lovely cozy relaxing area where you can sit and read a book, chat to your husband or wife as they get ready or just enjoy your cup of tea. If space is more limited a simple bench at the end of the bed will give you somewhere to sit and add style and elegance.

  4. Creating that relaxing space

Everyone wants a bedroom to be a tranquil space - somewhere to rest and unwind. Think about putting in tonal and textured fabrics that can provide layers and interest. Throws and cushions are great for this.

As the walls are one of the largest spaces, it’s a good place to create the right atmosphere. Be sure to select a colour that will help you relax. This may mean soft neutral colors, or maybe you love something deeper and bolder like purple. You can also look at wallpaper to give texture and feel. You can also use bright colours to reflect your personality. 

5. Carpets over hard floorings

The type of flooring you choose is a very personal thing. While tile floorings are popular in this part of the world, when it comes to your choice of flooring, it's worth having carpet put into your bedroom as it can be soft and luxurious, especially when the weather gets cooler; and at the end of the day, it is also very relaxing to come home to a bedroom with a luxurious feel under your feet. You can also have the best of both worlds by having a rug over an easy to clean tile/wood floor, even a small rug either side of the bed will give you something soft and warm to place your feet on when you getting in and out of bed.

6. Showcase your bedroom

Showing your bedroom in it’s best light and making it look like a clean and stylish hotel suite doesn't have to cost the world.  You can use a throw to put textured fabric across the end of your bed and any chairs in the room. You can also use candles on the bedside table or window sill. Hanging stylish artwork above the bed or above the night stands to help frame the bed will create a central focal point when entering the room. 


7. Statement Lighting

Choose a light fixture that will make a statement. A stunning glass chandelier, or an industrial sculpted piece of art. Whatever your style you should choose a light that will create a wow moment whenever you enter.


8. Should I have TV in the room?

This is a question that really comes down to personal taste. In our other blogs about how to get the best night’s sleep we discuss the importance of switching off from technology before bed time. So, having a TV in the room is likely to be a distraction as well as creating the wrong kind of light to switch the brain off. That said there is something nice and relaxing about chilling out in bed and watching your favourite movie or TV series. Therefore, from a style point of view we would recommend if you must have one try and conceal it with an armoire so that when it’s not in use with you can hide it behind closed doors.


9. Finally…….

You spend a third of your life sleeping, so it’s important to choose the right mattress, pillows and bedding.

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