Building the dream…a look behind the scenes

Building the dream…a look behind the scenes

Once upon a time, clever customisation was limited to car number plates, keyrings and jewellery. Now, the market for all-things-personalised has exploded and we’re customising just about everything we can stamp our own style on. And we’re finally turning our attention to one of the most personal areas of our home – the bedroom.

A good nosey around our website will tell you how proud we are of our unique customised bed service. But how do we do it, you may be curious to know? Where are the beds made? Are they really all built individually by hand? Are the fabric headboards actually hand-stitched? Well yes they are!


This month, we took a peek behind the scenes at our factory here in the UAE, so you can see our master craftspeople for yourselves, building the dream beds of our latest customers…

Ever thought about designing your own dream bed?

Here at helmii, we’re passionate about offering our customers something unique at an affordable price – and that’s exactly what we do with our customised bed service. We’re really proud to be the only online retailer here in the UAE doing this, we use only the best craftspeople to build each bed by hand and our customers love to tell us how happy they are with the end result.

We’re on a mission to engage, excite and inspire the good people of the UAE to think big, be bold and work with us to create individually personalised beds in hand-picked sizes, styles, materials and colours. And still leave change in the pocket for a decent brunch at the end of the month!



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