Memory Foam Pillow

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by Helmii

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Our memory foam pillow is part of our luxury sleep collection which is designed and made with Cooltech fabric. Cooltech is the original performance fabric made for top level athletes to enable them to reach peak performance.

So, what does this have to do with pillows?

At night an adult with lose a quarter of a litre of body moisture - every night!

This secretion of moisture in the form of perspiration, loss of urine etc can cause a clammy sensation and stimulates the production of perspiration, which causes the discomfort and feelings of over heating during the night.

Our Cooltech pillow is made from Dacron, which is a fibre that is unique and has proven fast drying properties. Cooltech allows air to flow through it and has a higher regulating capacity, making it an ideal pillow fabric. The hexagonal structure of the fibres ensures that any moisture released during sleep is immediately carried to the external surface of the fabric, where it soon evaporates, perspiration is reduced and the body will remain pleasantly cool.

So, it's an Intelligent pillow cover that regulates temperature?

Moisture-control tests have shown that Cooltech dries considerably faster than other more absorbent fabrics. In tests Cooltech fabrics were completely dry after barely 30 minutes, whereas cotton still contained 50% of the moisture after the same time. Cooltech also prevents the formation of stains, and because it is not treated with chemicals, laminates or electrostatic-ally, the moisture regulating properties remain intact even after many washes.   

Wasn't Visco Memory Foam Developed by Nasa?

Yes it was developed for use in space by Nasa. The high density slow recovery temperature sensitive memory foam will provide you with maximum comfort for the neck area, allowing your neck and shoulder muscles to relax completely.

A Pillow that gives Orthopaedic Support

Visco Pillows will relieve pain, snoring and sleep related problems. The pillow provides anatomical support in combination with the pressure relieving effects of the Visco materials.

Hypo Allergenic

Benefits allergy sufferers because Visco Memory Foam Pillows are naturally Hypo Allergenic. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

The pillow is so uncomfortable I woke up on the middle of the night with a huge neck pain. It is too big. i would actually lîe to send both pillow back for refund. On the positive note the mattess is amazing.

Hi Jules, Firstly thank you for choosing helmii and we're really pleased that you love your new helmii mattress so much. Like many other customers you seem to be benefiting from our great mattress. In terms of the pillow unfortunately for health and hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns once the pillow has been used and this is standard procedure for this product type across the industry. Like the mattress the pillow may take some customers time to get used to with medical studies showing it can take up to 30 nights to get used to a new sleeping surface, however the pillow should not take that long. We value your feedback on the pillow size and will take this onboard.
Best Sleep Decision

While I generally don’t buy such important household things online, I decided to give Helmii mattress a shot.

Here’s the bottom line after a few months’ use: BEST thing I’ve in my house! I am able to sleep proper after a very long time and the stress my neck used to feel after waking up is completely gone!! 5* !!

+ The Helmii pillows are also great. Took a couple of nights to get used to them but they’re amazing for maintaining proper posture sleeping at night. Even took a couple of them back home for my parents and they couldn’t be happier :)

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