Safety & Testing  What do we do?

We take safety issues very, very seriously and we’re fully committed to the cause.

Especially when it concerns your little ones. All our products are held to the highest standards and in the case of our beds, we follow the British Safety Standards. So, we send all of our Children's beds to be independently tested at third party test houses to ensure they pass these British Safety standards. The tests conducted require us to focus on construction, any kind of gaps, openings and other features which could potentially be a reason for concern. 

Heres a comprehensive list of the features we go over:

1. We test the strength of the frame and all fastenings as well as the stability of the bed to ensure it doesn’t turn over. Ever!

2. We test to ensure there are no gaps that are unsafe for your children and there are no potential entrapments or risks. In simpler words, we make sure their fingers, hands, head or any other part of their body doesn’t get stuck in these gaps

3. We ensure there are no protruding parts on the bunk beds. So you don’t have to worry about them being harmful in any way. We’ve ensured that these parts are less than 5mm in width which protects your child from unintended strangulation hazards.

4. We’ve got guard rails installed on all of our bunk beds and these will prevent your child from falling off. But we request you to read the instruction guide carefully and buy a mattress that is a maximum 15cm height so that your child isn’t elevated to a height that may be dangerous.

5. Our ladders are tested to demonstrate they are safe and stable to use and will not come loose or break under stress.

6. All accessible edges and corners are rounded or chamfered so they are free from burrs or sharp edges. So don’t worry about your children being scraped by any corner. 

7. We also test to make sure it is not possible to dismantle the bed or its components without the use a tool. So while the kids might be clever, they won’t be able to pull their bed apart.

8. All safety barriers are tested to show are secure against unintentional loosening.


                Bunk Beds: We go the Extra Mile


                For all our Kids products we also request our suppliers independently test the paint to ensure there are no harmful chemicals, heavy metals, lead or phthalates used. These tests are carried out to meet European, American & Canadian safety standards. 

                Our furniture engineers have great foresight. They understand that sometimes children might run up a ladder and lose balance. For that reason they installed handles at the top of the ladder as well. So your precious angels have something to hold onto. You can sleep better knowing that the little ones are being looked after and can climb up and down with great ease.                            

                In addition to this, all our beds are made of solid wood! And those lovely bed posts which seem only ornamental do so much more. They provide a stronger foundation and stability to the bed which increase durability.

                Oh, and the beds also come with 15 pieces of slatted bed base which give greater support and better air ventilation for the mattress. We also use metal connectors so we can provide a strong connection on each corner of the bunk bed. Making the bed even stronger. Furthermore, a mortise slot-in connection, connects the headboard/footboard to the guard rails/side rails to also enhance the stability of the overall bunk bed.

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