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If you would like to see our swatches before you order just fill out the form and your selected swatches will be on the way to your home!
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What should I look for when buying a mattress?

When it comes to buying the perfect mattress, there are many different messages available to us. This is mainly down to the fact that a mattress is a very personal and subjective part of our life, don’t forget we spend a third of our lives in bed. So, if you want to purchase your perfect mattress, the most important thing to consider is your own personal comfort. Make sure to consider the following things for finding your perfect mattress:

Why is mattress shopping so difficult?

We believe buying a mattress shouldn’t be confusing, yet we found that buying a mattress was way too complicated and especially if you are buying online there is so much information available and too many options to choose from. Soft, firm, medium firm? Latex or memory foam, posturepedic and even tempurpedic, there are so many names and brand names to consider you can even choose different support zones, do we even know what Trizone means?

Is a memory foam mattress any good?

Memory foam mattresses are very popular and are pushed a lot in the market for their adaptive support, but many sleepers complain the foam means they find themselves sinking. This sinking means that sometimes people wake up feeling hot and have difficulty turning over.

Why should I buy a helmii mattress?

With all this information how are you supposed to work out which is right for you and understand the benefits of each? Exactly! Which is why we decided to make just one mattress, the best we could at a great price. Our Sleep experts in the UK spent many months researching and finding out what makes the best mattress. They discovered that a high quality, supportive mattress needs four things: comfort, support, temperature regulation and durability.

The helmii hybrid mattress

Our helmii sleep experts focused on creating a mattress that will give you the right structure and support with a high-density foam base and micro pocket springs along with a layer of DeepSleep foam that will mould to the shape of your body. Our new DreamSleep Foam is an ultra-breathable foam that helps reduce heat and aids temperature regulation. It’s proven to wick moisture and dissipate heat away from the body, so you can cool — and sleep longer.

You can also test our mattresses at home for 40 nights. Why try a mattress for a few minutes in a store when you can test it in your own home? If you don’t think the mattress is for you, we’ll pick it up and refund you (T&C’s apply). But just like our other customers we’re confident you’ll love it

The importance of good sleep

People think we have to have a set number of hours sleep, or that more sleep is better. In fact, it's not quantity that counts, but the quality of your sleep that is the most important and good quality sleep is very much driven by the quality of your mattress. Your mattress should offer you and your body enough support during the night so that when you’ve had good sleep, you’ll be your best self and have your most productive days ahead.

What type of sleeper are you?

However, you sleep it is important that you have the right support from your mattress to help your body recuperate during the night. To do this your body needs to be fully supported and your spine aligned.

Studies show that in general there are three types of sleepers: side, back and tummy. All three positions have different support requirements

Side-sleepers Many people will consider themselves to be side sleepers, are you? If you are you’ll find that when you lie on your side most of your body weight pushes on your shoulders, hips and legs, essentially bearing the weight of your body. In order to prevent neck and back ache your mattress should support your shoulders, hips and waist to let your spine form a straight line. The micro coil pocket springs in the helmii mattress are flexible and pressure-relieving allowing you to lie properly and fully supported.

Back-sleepers When lying on your back, your spine needs to be fully supported. This means that your shoulders and hips should sink slightly so that your spine can remain flat rather than forming a hollow. The helmii micro coil pocket springs in conjunction with our DeepSleep foam layer gives your spine the support and comfort needed to be fully supported in this position.

Front tummy-sleepers When you lie on your stomach it’s important that you have a firmer mattress with a high-level of support, this is why our medium firm mattress gives you the right support and comfort in this sleeping position.

But what if I sleep in all the above?

In reality most of us will sleep in all the above positions during the night. So, it’s important that you have a mattress that gives your body the right support and comfort throughout the whole night. Our helmii mattress is designed to evenly distribute your body weight and provide support for your spine to give you the right comfort level and let you sleep all through the night whatever sleeper you are.

What if I sleep with my partner?

Our micro coil pocket springs are designed to work independently so that whoever sleeps in your beds from your partner to a pesky pet or sleep interrupting little one you’ll sleep perfectly with no disruption from them wriggling or tossing and turning during the night.

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