The Helmii Mattress Medium Firm

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The UAE's Most Comfortable Mattress

Buying a mattress is something every person will do at some time in their life. But the fact that they all look the same, just big white rectangles, makes it very complicated. You'll probably feel compelled to understand what’s going on inside your new mattress, or maybe you won’t. But even if you try, it can still be very confusing with lots of jargon - Is it a Spring coil, memory foam, latex, posturepedic or many other impressively sounding technical terms.


What if I have a bad back?

On top of all this, an age old belief has been that a hard mattress was good for a bad back. But this old wisdom has generally now been rejected and is not necessarily the case. It could actually in fact cause more damage. The most important feature you should be looking for if you have a bad back, is a supportive and comfortable mattress. Any reference to a mattress being orthopaedic – or equally medically sounding, does not mean that the mattress has been professionally assessed or recommended – it is a term loosely used by manufacturers and retailers to refer to extra firm models in their ranges. So now that we have got that out of the way; lets break down the totally unnecessary jargon. 


All our mattresses are made in the UK with some of the most advanced materials you’ll find in the world. We’ve got something known as a hybrid mattress. A term you may not be familiar with.


So what exactly is a Hybrid mattress?

As the name suggests, it’s a blend of two of the most popular technologies in mattress making: the highly recommended pocket spring system and memory foam. So our mattress does two jobs at the same time, it provides you with complete support and also contouring comfort which provides good pressure relieving properties making it sooo comfortable!


Our helmii mattress is a Pocket Sprung Hybrid Plus (bear with us) which delivers on our mission to make you the most comfortable mattress. It is made with 2000* individual micro pocket springs, layered with next-generation Viscoool memory foam, plus a supportive high density foam base. These layers, which are 25cm deep are what provide the pressure relieving comfort and complete support.


Revolutionary Cool Sleep Technology

For years we’ve been searching for a cooler, more comfortable sleep. Now we have the solution...

We’ve been working with our Sleep Experts in the UK to develop the helmii DreamSleep comfort layer, using next generation foam technology based on a cool sleep concept.

Our new DreamSleep Foam is an ultra-breathable foam that helps reduce heat and aids temperature regulation. It’s proven to wick moisture and dissipate heat away from the body, so you can cool — and sleep longer.

The airflow through a mattress constructed with our DreamSleep foam is up to 30 times greater than other premium, leading, viscoelastic mattresses.

The wide open cells in our DreamSleep foam have thicker cell walls for enhanced durability and the foam is highly resilient, high density giving you optimum comfort and support helping you sleep better.

 Finally the pocket springs also have a protective and durable wall of high density foam on each side of the mattress, which provides you with extra support, right to the very edges, so however you sleep whether you sprawl, curl into a ball or you’re a duvet grabber you know you’ll be fully supported.


Comfort level

We would say that the comfort level is a medium slightly firm comfort but this will depend on your body size. If you have larger than average body size then the the comfort feel will become slightly softer.

What you can be sure of though, is that due to our Pocket Springs and High Density foam base you will be fully supported and the memory foam layer and luxurious knitted fabric will give you that oh so comfortable feeling. 

(* equivalent to the 150cm Queen mattress)

Returns and Refunds

Once opened and out of it's packaging this item is no longer returnable unless a helmii mattress protector has been purchased at the same time. 

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Orders for Abu Dhabi City Limits only will be delivered within 48 hours.

Next Day and 48 Hour delivery only available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi City Limits 


Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews

Best night sleep we’ve had in over 5 years!

Highly recommended!

Just like with all other Helmii products that I have ordered, this mattress is definitely a high-quality product!

Simon and the team never seem to disappoint both with the product quality and the excellent customer service they provide.

Thanks again!

Helmi Matress

2nd order from Helmi and the service was top notch again. Replacement mattress for one of our existing beds and the comfort is superb. Personal service was again a great attribute to the Company.We’ll be back for more in the future for sure!

Easy comfort

Wasted so much time searching for a mattress in shops, all at much higher prices. Very pleased with the Helmii mattress, so easy to order, easy to deal with (Simon rang personally to arrange delivery), and finally.... easy to sleep on!!

Amazing mattress and the price is even better

A while ago we bought a new bed thinking it was a super king and we could just use our old but realllllly expensive mattress. instead we ended up with a Emperor size bed frame with a cheap coiled spring mattress. The issue we have with a coiled spring mattress is that my husband moves during the night; a lot; I'm a light sleeper and his moving around like a puppy on steroids keeps me awake. He also has the amazing ability of flipping me out of the bed onto the floor when he changes sides which involves a salmon leap of a full body flop from one side to the other.
Desperate to find a mattress that would not have me permanently sleeping on the floor I came across Helmii on-line. A quick email had Simon responding the same day and we took delivery two weeks ago. The mattress is perfect. My husband can fish flop and disco dance to his hearts content and i don't feel a thing. As an added bonus his back ache and sore hips have disappeared.
I can highly recommend this mattress and Simon and his crew they provide quality service at an affordable price what more could you as for in Dubai


Our premier pocket spring mattress provides the best of both worlds.


Every Helmii mattress is wrapped in a luxurious breathable cover which adds an extra layer of comfort to an already comfortable mattress. Amazing, isn’t it?


We’ve used the most superior technology to offer a memory foam which contains a unique blend of renewable natural raw materials including soybean oil plus a refreshing natural crème which cools down and absorbs body heat to help you experience a deeper, more restful sleep.


The mattress is loaded with 2,000 individually responsive Pocket Springs (in the UAE Queen size mattress), which adjust to the contours of your body while you sleep. These springs help distribute body weight and reduce the build up of pressure points.


We use a high density polyurethane foam base which keeps your mattress cool. Here’s how - It creates seven zones for air flow a.k.a ventilation, keeping you cool and comfortable while you sleep.

But your takeaway from all of this should be that our helmii mattress is the most comfortable mattress in the world! But you won’t know till you try it for yourself. Oh and it comes with a 10 year warranty


It’s absurd to think you can buy a mattress after spending just a few awkward minutes on it in a big mattress store, under bright fluorescent lights. Which is why we’ll let you order our magical mattress and sleep on it for 40 whole nights. You’ll either love it or you won’t. If you don’t then we give you the option to return it and get a full refund*!





See our Warranty section


We want your experience with us to be as smooth as possible. So you’ll keep coming back for more. Won’t you? Your Helmii mattress will arrive vacuum sealed, pressed and rolled into an easy-to-move box. (The days of struggling with a big wobbly mattress up your stairs are thankfully behind us). Once we’ve moved the box to the room where your mattress belongs, we’ll unbind your new mattress and you can watch it unfurl. With pleasure.

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